Caerwys Agricultural Show

8th June 2024


Rules & Regulations

  • All stock must be entered by 31st May 2022 except Light Horses (which can also be entered on Show Day).
  • No entries will be accepted on Show Day.
  • All exhibitors must comply with DEFRA rules and regulations that are in force at the time of the show.  All DEFRA paperwork must be completed.
  • No exhibit should be brought onto the showground if it is carrying any contagious or infectious disease or is subject to DEFRA regulations and/or restrictions.
  • Accredited sheep will not be accepted onto the show field without SH20 forms. MV certificates should be signed and dated.
  • To facilitate penning arrangements, exhibitors must indicate any accredited status on the entry form.
  • All cattle to be halter and neck tied and halter led.
  • Attendants in charge of stock must see that they are properly placed and secured in the place allocated to them and ready for showing at the time stated.
  • Entries should be sent to the respective section secretaries as detailed herein.  Where classes are cancelled due to DEFRA rulings, exhibitors may be entitled to a refund of the first £10, after administration costs are deducted.
  • All cattle must be accompanied by a passport and undertake any required pre movement testing.
  • All sheep must be accompanied by a movement licence and individual tag numbers recorded.
  • All perpetual trophies are the property of the show and should be returned to the Agricultural Secretary four weeks prior to the date of the next show.
  • All bulls over 10 months old must have two handlers.
  • Stock attendants are particularly asked to not leave their stock unattended at any time during the show.
  • Caerwys Show Committee, its officers and assistants, will not be responsible for any error or mistake that may be made in placing, penning or securing livestock.
  • Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to, occasioned by, or arising from, any animal exhibited by them. Exhibitors should ensure that they have adequate insurance for this purpose.
  • Stock exhibitors are reminded that they must follow the directions of the stewards always. This is particularly important during the Grand Parade.
  • The committee may reject or may authorise the secretary or any other official to remove any animal or other exhibit from the show without being in any way liable for compensation.
  • No animal is to be removed from its place without permission from the stewards, nor taken from the showground without a recommendation from the stewards or veterinary officer.
  • Livestock exhibits must not be removed from the showground before 3:30pm on the day of the show or prize monies will be withheld.
  • Judging in all sections will commence promptly and exhibitors should be ready.
  • The decision of the judge or judges shall be final, except where fraud, misrepresentation or breach of the regulations is discovered.  All prize monies will then be forfeited.
  • Should a judge be prevented from fulfilling his engagement, the committee reserves the right to appoint additional or substitute judges after the publication of the appointments given in this schedule.  All entries are accepted on this understanding.
  • The committee reserves the right to cancel any classes due to insufficient entries.
  • All objections must be made in writing and lodged with the secretary within one hour of occurrence.  The objector must deposit £10 (ten pounds), which will be refunded if the objection is upheld, or if the committee considers the reason for the objection not to be of a frivolous nature.
  • The organisers of the Caerwys Show have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present.  For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the officials, stewards and organisers.
  • No smoking is allowed in, or near the stock-lines, horseboxes or marquees.
  • Exhibitors must not obstruct gangways or exits.
  • Dogs must be under control, kept on a leash and away from stock always.
  • All exhibitors must have the appropriate insurance and public liability cover at the time of the show.  This is a condition of entry.
  • All children participating in any livestock classes must be competent leaders and be used to their animal.  Stewards will use their discretion and withdraw an entry if they consider that it is unsafe to proceed.
  • Traffic on the show field must obey directional and speed restriction 5mph signs always. 
  • A COVID risk assessment will be carried out and adhered to by the committee and anyone who is working for the Caerwys Agricultural Show. The show will adhere to whatever COVID practices/restrictions are in place at the time and expects all exhibitors and visitors to the Show to do the same.
  • All exhibitors and their staff, team or colleagues shall be governed by these regulations as interpreted by the stewards and officials.  In the event of any dispute, the committee reserves the sole and absolute right to settle arbitrarily and determine on all matters, questions or differences in regard to, or otherwise arising out of, or connected with, or incidental to the show.
  • Caerwys Show Committee gratefully acknowledges the invaluable financial support received from all sponsors of the Show.  The Committee also wishes to thank all donors of challenge cups, trophies and special prizes for their interest and support.
  • Caerwys Show Committee, its officers, staff, team or colleagues, shall not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss, however caused, that may occur to any exhibitor or his/her staff, team or colleagues, or to any animal, article or property brought into the showground.  Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to, or occasioned by, or arising from, any animal, article or property exhibited or brought onto the showground by them, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Show Committee from and against actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of, or in respect of, any such damage and injury which may be caused or occasioned.

    This event is licensed by Flintshire County Council.