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Agricultural Show

Are you interested in the
position of Show Secretary !

Job description – Show Secretary, for 2016 and onwards

What is this all about?

The show committee holds several meetings during the year to plan and organise the actions needed to run a successful and safe show day.

Minutes are needed of all meetings to record the decisions and the action points arising. 

The committee also communicate to various supporters and participators of the show and formal friendly letters are sent out as needed. 

Show secretary is contacted via anonymous email address given on website or personal address if needed.

Need someone to take on the role of Show Secretary from start to finish – what does this involve?

(a)  Minutes

Attend the full committee meetings and take minutes (including register of apologies/attendees).

One meeting per month except August, on a Tuesday evening.

Starting at 7:30pm lasting for about 2 hours, held in Caerwys.

Usually second Tuesday of the month.

Double meeting usually held in May ready for show.

Draft up the minutes and send to Chairman for second eye review.

Liaise with Show Manager for agenda for next meeting.

Finalise minutes and agenda and send to all committee members. 

Send out to members by post and by email.

Committee need minutes and action points fairly quickly after meeting.

[Sub-committee meetings are minuted by relevant persons attending.]

(b)  Letters

Take charge of correspondence with VIP guests and their ‘plus one’ ready for the show day.

Write letters inviting them to attend and send confirmation and passes and directions as needed.

Liaise with Show Manager on numbers confirmed.

(c)  General

React promptly to enquiries from public via website email address.

Be on show field in set up week to generally lend a hand.

Be on show field on show day to generally lend a hand.

Chat with and gain feedback from all participators.

If you are interested – please contact the following for an informal chat:

Paula Spencer
07554 284135